Oct 31 2012

last night’s dream

listening to the news this morning, and the coverage of hurricane Sandy, i remembered a dream i had last night:

a flood broke through the wall of my apartment. i escaped, but of course had to leave absolutely everything behind. i returned to see if i could recover anything. my computer was unquestionably destroyed: besides the obvious water damage, it was bent and twisted ridiculously. but my guitar was perfectly fine. i walked out with the guitar, feeling very good. didn’t bother looking for anything else.

Oct 25 2012

Birthday Bash/ Obscuria: Duct Tape

Saturday, Oct 27 1pm – 6pm
3160 – Chicago’s Piano & Cabaret
3160 N Clark St, Chicago

well, my birthday kinda snuck up on me this year…

but we’re gonna be partying down Saturday afternoon with some awesome music. we’ll be debuting the long-awaited Obscuria: Duct Tape mix, plus i found a cassette (cassette!!) of a mix i made for my birthday party in 2001. i have no freaking idea what’s on this tape…

ima have fun, whether you’re there or not.
but it’ll be even moar fun with you.

Aug 26 2012

Visit to the Clubhaus

my first vlog from the Clubhaus, Saturday evening…

Jan 1 2012

2012: Time Travel Instead of Resolutions

a few years ago, i truly did give up the practice of making new years resolutions and replaced it with setting new years goals instead. giving oneself a year to accomplish a goal seemed to be much more reasonable than the overnight expectations inherent in the traditional resolution. it’s worked out rather well, actually. i haven’t achieved all the goals i’ve set each year, but i have reached quite a few.

the other day i got an idea for this year’s goal setting. instead of writing a list, i’ve decided to write a blog entry dated December 31, 2012, discussing the accomplishments of the past year.

from what i’ve learned about consciousness and the mind (and time travel…), it seems that this could be an extremely powerful and effective method of goal achievement, particularly if one is specific about the results and nonspecific about the ways they were achieved.

originally, my intention was to post this future blog entry publicly, but having given it a bit more thought, i’ve decided to write the entry but keep it private, for a number of reasons.

still, i wanted to share the idea with you, in case you wanted to try it as well.

[actually, i tried something like this once before, rather less intentionally, but with surprising result. back on myspace, i had written a time travel blog, referring to having played a gig with Evie Evil of Evil Beaver. i was really just joking, playing around, but it turned out later that i actually DID play a gig with her, at Burkhart's Underground, and within the time span suggested by the blog entry. before we read too much into that, i must point out that in the same post, i also referred to a gig with Anton Newcomb of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and that hasn't happened. yet... of course, the fact that i already KNEW Evie, but have never met Anton, or even see him perform live, might also be a major factor...]

Nov 22 2011

Chicago Mixtape interview

for those of you who are NOT signed up on Chicago Mixtape, here’s my interview which appeared on Mixtape #41, released yesterday, 11/21/11.

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but you really should sign up.
it’s free. it’s great music. it’s Chicago.
sign up at Chicago Mixtape
or learn more from this post on A Cool Guy.